Milos Ristic Master in Computer Science


This page is dedicated to the projects that I worked on during studies. Here you can find some basic information about projects and links to more detailed descriptions and documentation.

Web application "Face recognition"

July 2013

This project was realised by four membered team in master degree course "Scientific calculation". Project includes development of web application that contains two components: the face detection component and the face recognition component. The face detection component finds all faces on uploaded photo and saves them into database. The face recognition component compares face from uploaded photo with faces in database and returns desired number of the most similar faces.
Technologies used for implementation: HTML, PHP, XML, MySQL, C++, OpenCV library

More details about this project you can find here

Image Processing and "Mini Paint"

February 2013

These two projects was realised in master degree course "Computer graphics 2". Image processing application contains many tools for modification and compressing pictures. "Mini Paint" application represents implementation of Computer graphics basic algorithms.
Technologies used for implementation: C#

You can download application source codes here

Evolutionary algorithm Web service

September 2012

This project represents modernization of one old web service based on interfaces. It was realised by four membered team in master degree course "Software dewelopment 2" and contains implementation of web service that execute Evolutionary algorithm. The execution of algorithm is precized by setting parameters that determine size of population, selection mode ,crossover mode, fitness function...
Technologies used for implementation: C#, .NET, XML, AJAX

More about this project you can read here

Nelson-Oppen procedure

Jun 2012

This project was realized in master degree course "Automated reasoning" and contains implementation of Nelson-Oppen procedure for testing satisfiability of EUF formulas fragment.
Technologies used for implementation: C++

You can download application source code here

Exchange rates €/RSD

May 2012

This project was realized in master degree course "Data mining". It contains creating database of exchange rates in period 2002-2012 and researching data of created database. The aim of project was finding patterns in movements of exchange rates.
Technologies used for implementation: MySQL, IBM DB2 Design Studio

Detailed description and results you can find here

Information System of Library

February 2012

This project was realised by seven membered team in master degree course "Information Systems". The assignment was to create a whole information system of library that implies system analisys, business processes analisys and use cases analisys. During analisys it was necessary to develop the supporting documents and UML diagrams. Project also includes designing user interface that contains the most important components of the system.
Technologies used for implementation: UML, MySQL ,HTML, JavaScript, PHP

Project documentation and interface prototype you can find here